Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In my own words

I felt inspired after reading some poetry, so I thought I'd dabble in a writing style I haven't visited since high school. I might lengthen it later one, I'm not sure.

My Circle

I cast my circle around me, to protect me, to fuel me.
I feel the energy building, from everywhere I see.
I close my eyes to better feel the sensation.
My body shakes with pure exhilaration.
Never knowing this bliss, would truly be a curse.
I am one with the energy, with nature, with the universe.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Dyad Moon

Last night my pagan friends and I went out to celebrate the full moon. We had been doing this every month for a while, but we missed the last couple, so it was good to be back.

The June full moon is the Dyad Moon, which is all about pairs and duality. Naturally as a Taoist, duality is central to my beliefs. It is in fact the main reason that I became one. I decided to share the following poem from Chuang Tzu with my friends, to contemplate during the thunderstorm. This is only the first verse.

Great and Small

When we look at things in the light of the Tao

Nothing is best, Nothing is worst

Each thing, seen in it's own light, stands out in its own way.

It can seem to be "better" than what is compared with it on its own terms.

But seen in terms of the whole, No one thing stands out as "better."

If you measure differences

What is greater than something else is “great”

Therefore there is nothing that is not “great”

What is smaller than something else is “small”

Therefore there is nothing that is not “small”

So the whole cosmos is a grain of rice,

And the tip of a hair is as big as a mountain-

Such is the relative view.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Quote - Rengetsu

We accept the graceful falling

Of mountain cherry blossoms,

But it is much harder for us

To fall away from our own

Attachment to the world.

- Rengetsu