Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: A Year in Review

This was a true roller coaster year for me, including lots of travel, tragedy and adversity.

Early 2010 was spent taking care of G’ma who unfortunately passed in late February. This was a loss that hit our family hard, as G’ma was more like a mother to Captain. I can tell it was the hardest loss he’s ever suffered in his life. We have lived next to her for 5 years, and she welcomed me into her family with open arms. A truly remarkable woman.

I turned the big 3-0 in March, but it passed without incidence. In April I took a trip to Florida to attend my cousin’s wedding (which I also officiated). I made new friends from Dominica and had a great time, resulting in the first hangover I’ve had in years.

Shortly after the trip, Captain and I decided to get our first tattoos. I LOVE mine, and am almost certain it won’t be the last. We also purchased a new truck and a new camper. In June decided to take a trip to Wyoming taking our adult niece and nephew with us. It was an incredible and timely trip full of great company, new experiences (horseback riding & white water rafting) and waterfalls.

Many camping trips populated the summer months, including several new places explored with good friends like Keosaqua and Amana. Unfortunately, we also said goodbye to a good friend this year as she understandably moved back home after losing her father.

Theater brought me playing a diva actress in the summer and directing in the fall. Capt. & I were also conned into joining the OCT board again. I kept my 4.0 in school even though the class roster included statistics (a big worry for me). We took another trip to Arkansas in September to visit our good friend there.

October was the two year mark of our trying to start a family. It was after that month that we received the diagnosis of infertility that left our family prospects looking pretty bleak. We have managed to rally from that dark time and keep hope alive, but we know it’s a potential long road ahead of us. The emotional roller coaster of the whole process has been tough, but I’m so happy we have each other, and a marriage strong enough to withstand such adversity.

November marked another year of NanoWrimo. I’m happy to report it was another winning year, and even happier that many friends and family can count themselves among the winners with me. We participated in more events this year that made a difference in our productivity and mentality.

Shortly before Christmas I published my first novel “Shades of Magic” that is available through Amazon. The holidays brought many visitors and lots of plans leaving me little time to dwell on the absence of children in my own house.

I am hoping to stay very positive in the year ahead, to restore my faith in myself and in the Tao. I feel like a spent a lot of this year with a dark cloud over me, I’m hoping to lift that cloud and love life even if things aren’t going as I would hope.