Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Power of the River

Be still as the mountain and flow like the great river.

This is a Taoist mantra I find myself always repeating to myself (even considering tattoo representation). Well, does the US have a river greater than the mighty Mississippi?

This weekend we camped at Buffalo Shores, a campsite with free access to the beach of the Mississippi River. It was awe inspiring! Don't get me wrong, I love camping on lakes, especially ones that you can swim in. But there is just something different about a river. I'm a firm believer that everything in nature has an energy to it, and the energy from this river was amazing. We would sit on the shore, running our fingers through the sand and watching the water slowly come back and forth on our feet. A full moon made this a mystical experience to beat all!

The large paddleboats were fun to watch, and the never ending barges going by was great. Always something to watch. The campsite itself was a little crowded, every site being full. But the accommodations were nice, and we ended up next to some really nice people. Great food and catching up with a friend we never see were the top off of a great weekend. I really had no desire to leave, it was such an inspiring experience making the real world seem so mundane.

I feel closer to the Tao after this weekend, and have been inspired to try something new spiritually. More details on that later, but amazing how one weekend getaway can recharge a soul!


  1. I prefer something smaller than the Mississippi like the Escanaba in Upper Michigan and the lower Wabash in Indiana. If I can fish the thing in cut offs and tennis shoes - it works for me.


  2. If rivers could talk, the amazing stories they would tell, eh? Glad you enjoyed camping, it sounds like it was pretty amazing.

  3. I grew up on the banks of a river. I enjoyed 18 years of that river's energy.

  4. Glad you enjoyed camping, it sounds like it was pretty amazing.