Monday, June 18, 2012

Reality punches me in the face

So I went to school for my Master's degree with visions of opportunity and doors opening.  I graduate in a comfortable position, I can be somewhat choosey and really try to find the job I want to have.

Fast forward 6 months and cold hard reality has hit me in the face.  My student loans are coming due, and seeing that amount of debt put a weight on my chest like I've never felt before.  I have not made a single cent since graduating, yet here they come a calling wanting their money.  I realize that because I'm unemployed I qualify for a deferment, but at this point it feels inevitable.  I'm going to have to find a job, ANY job that will start income coming in.

I had a dream of working online, allowing me to stay home and not have to use daycare as much.  It means so much to me to raise my own child, but it means more to provide a comfortable life for the family.  My income is vital to that, and since the family is proving costly to obtain as well, it's time to tuck tail and settle.

So depressing.


  1. You may be forced to "settle for" now, but I hope you keep your senses alert for whatever else may come. Often the hardest part is breaking in or breaking back into the work force. Once there, other possibilities may unfold.

  2. You are not alone in your plight. In our family we have one who is in almost the same situation. Speaking to those who hire he was told 4 years ago they got 20 apps for each opening, now it is 200 to 300. Likewise the pay for those jobs is lower than it was 4 years ago.
    I wish you well.

  3. It is most unfortunate that today there are so many college graduates with a Master's Degree who are having trouble obtaining employment while being saddled with a college loan to be paid off. Let us hope that our nation soon gets out of this financial funk it is in.