Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Year, Another Win

It's official, I have hit the lovely 50K words and won NanoWrimo.  It feels great, but something happened this time that never has before.  Not only did I finish on the 19th (wow!)  but I found myself going long.  The story is not over, and the end is nowhere in sight at 50k.  I guess I finally found a subject matter that inspires me to go on and on.  I found myself feeling very spiritual as I was writing about my main character who was being taught the principles of the way.  How amazing, to combine my writing with spirituality seems like an automatic win for me.  I'm not sure how marketable this book will be, but I don't care because it helped me get to a really good place.

The challenge of writing a thesis and a novel in the same month helped me feel like I can do anything.  I hope I can maintain this positive feeling, and staying with the Tao, I know is the way. 

Other happenings include: finally getting moved in enough to park both vehicles in the garage, hosting turkey day at my new house, and sipping tea by my working fireplace.  Pretty content right now.

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