Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 19: A Lesson Learned From Animals

This is an interesting task, deciding on a lesson that can be learned from animals.  So many people I know view animals as inferior beings not worthy of our notice.  I happen to be an animal lover, owner of two of the most spoiled kitties you will ever meet (my furkids!).  I truly believe that there are many lessons of Taoism that can be learned by observing nature, especially animals.

A lesson I am in the process of learning has to do with self identity.  I look at my cat and realize that she is perfectly content to be the cat she is.  I don't see her longing to be thinner or wishing to have longer hair, etc.  She is just a cat and is content with that.  I highly doubt she ever wonders if she is a good cat, or if her life has been worthwhile, or even what others may think of her actions.

We as people tend to identify ourselves with these types of labels.  They may be necessary for certain parts of life, but in my own head, can I just be a person without regards to these labels?  Nature says I can.  As I sit here, unemployed, unsure of myself, and childless, I often get down on myself.  I wonder if I am a good person, if I am worthy of having those things, or what others will think if I don't get a job soon. 

Today I will take a lesson from my cat.  I will attempt to be who I am in that moment, and not worry about the rest.

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  1. When Capt. finds you sprawled out on the floor, rolling around, you've found success.