Sunday, August 21, 2011

The end result

Well, it's Sunday, the day after the end of my fast.  I lasted 38 hours.  I might have been able to go longer, but convenience won out because I was swamped with schoolwork for the day.

I had less than 1/4 of a honeydew melon, and had to stop.  I felt a little off still yesterday, and a little weak.  I had a lot of trouble going to sleep both Friday and Saturday, so I'm hoping that won't last too much longer.

But the good news is, today my digestive tract feels better than it has in forever.  My stomach seems to have shrunk, I'm full rather easily (great news for my waistline).  But best of all, my attitude has improved ten fold.  I feel rejuvenated in a really core way.

For those that are interested, I dropped 4.5 lbs between the start and end of the fast.  Keep in mind that it will most likely all return (water weight and such) but it's a fun way to keep at it, watching the number keep going down.  I've already gained back half, but maybe I can slow down the rest with some smart choices.

Bottom line is this, I am SO glad I chose to do this fast.  I learned a lot about myself (boredom eater!) and helped my body fix itself rather than try to medicate my way to health.  My mental health has benefited as well, it really got me out of the funk I've been in and gave me some important perspective.

So yes, Whit, it's been a fruitful experience!!

I am in no way suggesting that others partake in fasting, please consult your physician and yada yada, just don't blame me if bad things happen to you, it's not my fault.


  1. I don't fast per se, but there are many days in which I don't eat my first meal until early to mid-afternoon. I have found that it helps me get unclogged (if ya know what mean).

  2. RT:

    Try eating oatmeal for breakfast. That will "unclog" you (if ya know what I mean). :^)