Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not a skier, and That's Okay

I am currently up in Minnesota visiting friends at their cabin on the lake.  I've been here once before when I was 14, and let's just say the trip was eventful and VERY memorable.

Of course, if you have a cabin on the lake, it seems reasonable that you also have a boat.  She does, and it is really nice.  As soon as we arrived, we suited up and hit the waters.  My friend is an excellent skier, making it look simple.  Her husband also had an easy time getting up and both encouraged my attempt.

So in the water I go, I've been tubing many times, but skiing just seems more intimidating.  And indeed, it proves to be highly difficult.  After about 5 attempts, I surrender to nature, and admit the water's dominance over me.

Next up, this friend somehow convinces me that I should try wakeboarding.  It's similar to snowboarding on the water.  Many failed attempts and faceplants later, I again bow to the water gods as superior.  I think I've learned my lesson on this one.  Sore muscles and sunburns compound it all, I am meant to be IN the water, not ON the water.

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  1. Well, I hope you had fun trying! :) If we had a more powerful boat if would be much easier to learn. I had a really awesome crash after you guys left where I faceplanted really hard -- like a belly flop on my FACE. Oh my goodness it hurt!!!