Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Today is a day to celebrate all the father figures out there.  I am always careful to include not only those who have officially sired children, but also those whose hearts have the capacity to accept and love those sired by others.  The world is such a better place because those men exist as well.

For me, today is a day of gratitude.  First, we are celebrating having our child that the universe took so long to bring to us.  My hubby waited a very long time for the title of 'Daddy' and he wears it so well.  I could not ask for a better partner on this new journey of parenting.

I will consider my job as a parent successful if our little man becomes half the man his father is.

Parenthood has been a greater challenge than I ever thought possible so far, and this amazing man has been there the entire way.

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