Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to build a bear, our neice's style

So today was our trip to Des Moines, taking Little Miss (our 3 year old niece) to Build-A-Bear for her present. She was looking forward to it so much that she called me last night to talk about it.

I have to admit that Capt & I were looking forward to it also. We used to spend a lot of time with her, and miss that now that I don't babysit. I went and got her from daycare today, first wrong directions led me to a room where I got to say hello to a friend's little boy, then in the right room, she popped up from her nap ready to go.

We came back to my house to pick up Captain, managed to fit in a rousing game of go-fish with the cards she got me for my b-day. Then we were off. She was quite the chatter box the whole way there. I could tell she was relishing having the sole attention of two adults. We also sang her version of Row Row Row Your Boat and If your happy and you know it. Once there, she charged her way through the mall towards the store. It was completely empty when we got there, so she got much personal attention.

We began by picking out the bear itself. She debated between a couple of bunnies and a frog. Finally ended up with a pink bear with flowers all over it. We said OK, then it was time to choose a sound the bear could make. She tested all the buttons and fell in love with the monkey sound. I told her there was a pink monkey over there, but she wanted the bear to make the monkey noise. O...K... It's her bear, so there you go.

We stuffed the bear, she went through the little heart routine they do, and she spent a good ten minutes at the "washing" station that lets them brush the bear and shoot air on it. Time to find clothes. The first thing any cool bear needs is a pair of great shades just ask Little Miss. She then informed us that her bear was a boy, and needed boy clothes. O...K... A pink bear covered in flowers, makes monkey noises and is a boy. Of course.

Then she found a white skirt she really liked. We had to draw the line at making the pink bear in a skirt a boy, so I told her it would have to be a girl then. She decided that it would be worth it, so the bear became a girl.

A cute sequined top, some shoes and of course panties (Little Miss looked scandalized by the idea of her not having any ) and our bear was done. She decided to name the bear Flower, and her new best friend was born. They put her in the little cardboard house they give you, but not before Little Miss gave her a kiss goodbye . How cute.

We managed to drag Captain out of Scheels, bought some pink fudge, stopped and ate, then she slept the whole way home. A really fun day with a really fun little girl.

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