Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30 Days of Tao

So, earlier this year I completed a 30 day challenge.  At the end of it, I hinted that I may be doing my own version later on that directly relates to Taoism.  Well, April will bring that very task.  I have come up with my own list, and will attempt to write on this blog every day with the topics listed below.  I enjoyed the challenge of the last one, but I also noticed that I did more writing over all during that 30 days, so I am hoping I will see a similar upsurge during the next month.  I plan on beginning it on April 1st.

Day 01: Taoist book you are reading right now.
Day 02: Favorite Lao-Tzu quotes
Day 03: Favorite Taoist movie moment
Day 04: Taoist Bible quote
Day 05: Taoist trait that come easily to you
Day 06: Taoist trait that doesn't come easily to you
Day 07: How you discovered the Tao
Day 08: An inspiring Yin Yang picture
Day 09: Favorite meditation spot
Day 10: A Taoist tale
Day 11: An I-Ching reading
Day 12: Favorite Chuang-Tsu quotes
Day 13: Favorite Taoist song
Day 14: Your Chinese astrological sign
Day 15: Taoist artwork
Day 16: A way you try to exemplify compassion
Day 17: A way you try to exemplify simplicity
Day 18: A way you try to exemplify humility
Day 19: A lesson learned from animals
Day 20: Favorite Tai Chi movement
Day 21: A Tao Te Ching verse that is relevant to you right now
Day 22: Favorite Lieh-Tzu quotes
Day 23: A great Taoist resource
Day 24: Something that challenged your Taoist belief
Day 25: A myth about Taoism
Day 26: A Taoist themed you-tube video
Day 27: Leading like a Taoist
Day 28: Favorite Taoist quote from a non-Taoist
Day 29: Religion or Philosophy?
Day 30: Reflection of this 30 day challenge

Wish my luck, I hope you all stay tuned :D

1 comment:

  1. cool.
    I was thinking of copying you this time, but I don't think I know enough to understand all of the days. So I'll just read and enjoy and maybe make up my own.

    good luck,
    looking forward to the month of learning.