Monday, December 22, 2008

Lesson well learned

So last night we headed, against my hubby's better judgement due to weather to Cedar Rapids for a celebration of Yule. Us 3 girls had looked forward to this night for weeks, practically giddy as we departed.

We had great conversation on the way, our expectations were high. Imagine our shock and dismay as we pulled up to the church and it was dark. After jumping out, I read the sign on the door that said Yule celebration next weekend!! We were beside ourselves with grief for a few minutes. Then, we rallied like champs in my opinion. We headed off to Olive Garden, where we discussed what lesson the universe was teaching us.

We came to several conclusions, I believe all could be right. The one I found most true was that we were so excited to celebrate a holiday with a bunch of strangers, doing it their way, and perhaps we needed to learn that we only needed each other, and our way, whatever it may be. We also hopped over to Barnes and Noble, a favorite haunt of all of ours and stayed until they kicked us out. The ride home consisted of more in depth conversation, that was amazing and enriching in my opinion. I came home thinking about what we talked about and how I can use it in my daily life.

All in all after the night I felt immense Gratitude. It is so amazing to me that these three women can have these in depth conversations, never judging and always with an open mind. From a point of view of learning and growing, which I felt we all did last night. My Yule revelation has to be that I am so lucky to have two friends I love so much. I am truly blessed.

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