Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 03: Favorite Taoist Movie Moment

There are several movies that have Taoist moments.  The most notable films with Taoist influence include Star Wars (think the force), the Matrix, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.  Please note that many Eastern made movies are full of Taoist messages, but I'm trying to stick to ones that became popular here in the West and most people have heard of.

Many include The Tao of Steve on this list, but I found that movie hard to get through, and most people I know aren't familiar with it, so I tend to leave it out.

My favorite moment in a movie recently that felt Taoist was in Avatar: the Last Air Bender when he visits the water bending palace.  I knew as soon as they arrived that if I lived in their world, I would be at home there. 

Other movies I found Taoist moments in include:
What Dreams May Come
Kung Fu Panda
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Winnie the Pooh
Any Bruce Lee produced movie

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  1. What a fantastic site you have here and right up my film and intellect alley. If only we could find our way to the water bending place. Star Wars and the Matrix are also very indicative of the connection between all things that we feel but cannot touch. Films of this kind are my favorite especially on long work related business trips for Dish. When I am sitting in airports missing connections and waiting on my plane I get a good movie like Star Wars from my Blockbuster @Home subscription and lose myself. It helps to be able to live stream to my laptop so I can use this type of meditation whenever I need to. I love Bruce Lee and his teachings and have a couple of films he produced on this trip looking forward to watching them. In the name of the balance of all things connected.