Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 09: Favorite Meditation Spot

Generally, my favorite places to meditate involve bodies of water.  Near any lake, river, or especially the ocean.  I love the feel of sand on my toes and water lapping over them.  I think it's a real connection with nature, pure power emanating from water.  I've never been to a waterfall that was peaceful enough to get a chance to meditate, but that is totally on my bucket list.

At home, there is no water, so I simulate it and more in my meditation corner.
I generally turn the chair to the left and stare into this corner when I meditate.  I turn on the water fountain which my mother gave to us.  The large doll was given by my father in law from his time in the military overseas.  The beautiful brass table (part of a set) and right wall artwork were gifts from Captains grandmother that mean a lot to us.  My two best friends are responsible for the 5 elements artwork and the bamboo plant.  The fan was given by my good friends from college from Japan.

I also have a singing bowl which I employ when meditation is particularly difficult.  I try not to use it too often, though, because it seems to bother my cats. 

Meditation is becoming very important to me.  I've been warned by the doctor that stress is manifesting itself in my health.  I need to relax!

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