Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 16: A Way You Try to Exemplify Compassion

The three treasures of Lao Tzu are often translated as compassion, simplicity, and humility.

Because compassion tends to come naturally to me, I probably don't try as much as I should to exemplify it.  My greatest tool in compassion is empathy.  I am really good at understanding how another is feeling, or at least given them the benefit of the doubt when needed.  Trying not to judge others is the key for my compassion. 

There is a part of me that has recently realized that I tend to have more compassion for those that I don't know than for some that I do know.  There are people in my life I've known for years, and others my entire life.  I think I tend to lack compassion for those whose journey I have shared in such a way.  I judge myself with a harsh microscope most of the time, and those closest to me are likely to also receive such unscrupulous judgement.  This is a flaw in myself that I hope to rectify soon.  My friends and family deserve the best of me, not the least compassionate side of me.

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