Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 05: Taoist Trait that Comes Easily to You

Of all the traits that are encouraged when cultivating the Tao, the one that comes very naturally to me most often is compassion.

Compassion is one of Lao Tzu's three treasures and a very important part of the Tao.  Sometimes I get called naive or unrealistic because I want very much to believe the best in people.  But I'm okay with that, I'd rather view others from a place of compassion than be jaded or pessimistic about interactions.  When someone treats me badly, I try to remember that I've had a bad day before and probably treated people badly too.  Instead of being upset with this person, I try to be compassionate and do what I can to make their day better.  Inevitably, I get a smile out of the surly waitress, or compliment from the obviously overworked store clerk who is just grateful I'm not berating them or acting unreasonably.

When people talk of their problems, I genuinely want to help them, and if nothing else act as a listener.  Sometimes, all a person needs is a little empathy.  I am not claiming that it always happens this way, as I said, I have bad days also.  But in general, compassion is just within me, it's something that I don't have to try to keep or remember.

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