Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 14: Your Chinese Astrological Sign

Although not strictly a Taoist activity, I am very fascinated by the Chinese astrology, and thought it would be fun to explore it a little more.

I am a white monkey.  Monkeys are problem solves, though they don't seek power.  Then tend to be charismatic and fun, always the life of the party.  They combine cunning like the snake and sturdiness like the ox.  In love, monkeys are known to have steamy love affairs and long epic marriages of the "plate throwing variety".   (Not sure my love life is dramatic enough to qualify for this one.)  The white stands for the element of metal.  Metal people are orderly and calculating.  They live by their principles and should avoid dry places.

I don't really feel like the general monkey description fits me, but I'm sure there are some similarities there somewhere (I don't match my Zodiac sign either).

So, how does the white monkey fare in the year of the blue dragon (2012)?  Dragons and monkeys are very attracted to each other, meaning this will likely be a good year for the monkey.  Many career ideas are in store for the monkey this year (that fits totally!) while arrogance needs to be avoided or loneliness will occur.  In love, the year of the dragon shows single monkey's attracting good mates, however married monkeys should beware of potential trouble causers.  Health wise, monkey's need to be aware of potential problems this year, especially taking care to avoid bloody accidents.  (Always a good idea).

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