Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 07: How You Discovered the Tao

The Tao came into my life from a couple of directions.  My search for spiritual fulfillment took me to .  If you've never looked at the many sacred texts of this planet, I would suggest a perusal.  It's fascinating to see the differences but also the commonalities that humans tend to cherish above all others.  They have many different texts on there, which was a bit overwhelming, but I started with Tao Te Ching, and though it was a bit cryptic, I loved the style and content of the translation. 

Deciding I wanted to know more about this intriguing belief called Taoism, I searched the local library and was very happy to find two books containing information.  I also went to the local book store and found the only book they had which referenced Taoism - Wayne Dyer's Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.  While I would not recommend this as an accurate translation of the Tao Te Ching, it has wonderful life insights and commentary.  The little book I got from the library called Simply Taoism was what clinched it for me.  It describes some of the central concepts of Taoism such as Yin/Yang and Wu-Wei. 

One of my issues with every belief system I had come across had to do with suffering.  I cannot understand how a benevolent God would allow horrific things to happen to innocent children and the like.  Taoism introduced me to the concept that suffering is subjective, and there must be suffering to be non-suffering.  Mind-Blown.

I have been cultivating the Tao ever since :D

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