Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 11: An I-Ching Reading

Today I am supposed to do an I-Ching reading, I'm glad because I've been nervous about something and would not mind consulting the ancient wisdom.

Line 6: __  __ (8)
Line 5: _____ (7)     > K'AN  (water)
Line 4: __  __ (8)
Line 3: _____ (7)
Line 2: _____ (7)     > SUN  (wind)
Line 1: __  __ (8)

K'AN over SUN is hexagram 48: Ching

48. Ching / The Well
Return to the well of goodness.
This hexagram reminds us that we have two wells, one is an external source of guidance like the I-Ching, the other an internal source of guidance that is our own character.  It encourages you to concentrate on developing, purifying, and utilizing both of your wells.  It also encourages you not to muddy the well of your good character in any way now, advising you to forgive others their faults and realize that a clear well exists inside them.

I interpret this as reminding me, while this summer I will be focused on certain physical aspects of my life, that I must remember to replenish the spiritual well at the same time.  The line about seeing beyond the "muddiness" of others and remembering they have a clear well within them hits home as well.

I had no changing lines in this reading, a rarity for me.

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