Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 06: Taoist Trait that Doesn't Come Easily to You

This one is tougher because there are many traits I wish I were better at exemplifying.  I think perhaps the biggest one I've noticed as of late is difficulty remaining detached, especially from outcomes.  Because I am currently seeking employment, I find myself constantly seeking approval and validation that I have done the right things or am making the right decisions.

I also suffer from what the Tao Te Ching refers to as "high etiquette" meaning that I often present myself in a false way, being overly polite when I am not feeling like being that way and not stating my true feelings.  This all stems from the need for people to like me, a concept I am VERY attached to.  I also feel the need to be right, being attached to the notion of never appearing foolish or stupid.

I have been working on some of these, hoping that through Tao cultivation I can master the trait of detachment in a way that moves me closer to the Tao.


  1. I am a bit confused that you are uneasy that you present yourself as polite and avoid appearing foolish in a job interview. How else does one make a good first impression or hope for a favorable chance at getting a job?
    If there is another path that works for anything other than prison guard or I would like to know about it.
    It sounds as if your inner self is strong enough to come to the fore and try to make the most of your chance. I say go with it, not puzzle over it. There is a time to keep your true feelings to your self, they are yours, not your future employers, they don't need to know how your soul works, just that you can do their work. Good luck, I hope you get a good job.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I guess I didn't make it clear that what I am having trouble with is separating the way I know I must be in a job interview with the way I would like to be in my typical personal relationships like with friends and family.

      I agree that keeping personal opinions to yourself is likely best in a job interview.;) I really like the point you made about how they don't know how my soul works. It's that kind of separation I would like to define better for myself.