Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 13 - A Fictional Book

So, this isn't as descriptive as most of the daily titles, so I am going to take this to mean a fiction book I enjoy.  I've already listed them in an earlier post, so I'll share a story about one instead.

I would have to say that the Harry Potter series is what got me back into reading.  I was an avid reader in junior high, frequenting the popular authors of the time such as RL Stine and Christopher Pike.  My dad introduced me to more adult authors shortly after, my favorite being Robin Cook.  My mom shared her love of Mary Higgins Clark as well (I was not as keen on her collection of VC Andrews, lol).  But as I entered late high school and college, my reading fell off.  Some of this may be due to studying, but reality is, other pursuits may have dominated my life at those times.

The summer I met my husband (year 2000) we had what some may call a whirlwind romance.  Very into each other and concerned with little else.  I was unfamiliar with Harry Potter at the time even though he had already taken most of the country by storm.  Captain's mom had been trying to get him to read it for some time, and finally succeeded.  Imagine my surprise when I call up my new boyfriend about the movie we were supposed to see and he cancels on me.  Why would he do such a thing?  Because he was in the middle of reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 

For this reason alone, it was some time before he convinced me to read the series myself.  After all, he had chosen this boy wizard over yours truly, scandalous!  Of course, once he finally got me to relent, I was as hooked as he was, and it's something we share to this day.  We even hosted parties for the midnight releases of Books 6 and 7 which included Potter themes games and sweets from Honeydukes.

One book I failed to mention in my previous post was my own work: 
Shades of Magic

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