Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 3 - Your Favorite Television Program

Of all the items in the 30 day list, I think this one will likely be the one anyone who knows me can predict.  When judging my favorite television show, there is a clear winner for me right now.

The Big Bang Theory
I fell in love with this show in its second season and have been a very devoted fan ever since.  The smart humor makes me laugh out loud like no show ever has.  I love Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard, and have ever since Roseanne.  Same with Kaley Cuoco and 8 Simple Rules.  (Also Mayim who joined the cast later).  What a find in the actor Jim Parsons as Sheldon.  He obviously makes this show what it is and has the emmys to prove it.  There's more to my love of BBT though.  As hard as some would find it to believe, I actually identify more with these nerdy characters than I have with any other sitcom stars I've watched.  From simple things like the fact that they play video games, repeat clothing choices, feel socially awkward, and order out all the time for convenience sake.  It all endears these nerds to me in a real way.  I also have to mention that my best friend from high school happens to be a physicist, meaning I recognize many of those traits as well.  It's just an awesome show and everyone should watch it!

So after the clear winner, there are a few other shows I feel the need to mention.

My husband and I watch this show on Syfy channel every week with my dad.  It's a British show, but has all the things the three of us love: mideval times, magic, dragons, arthurian legends and more.

Dharma & Greg
This show didn't make my list until after I married my husband.  He and I are very similar to them in almost eerie ways.  It's wonderful to watch the yin and yang of opposites and how they can fit together just right.

Saved By The Bell
I would be remiss not to mention my obsession as a teenager of the exploits of one Zach Morris and star of my wall posters, Mr. AC Slater.  I was very obsessed with this show, even had the trivia game (though no one to play it with :( sadly)

Other honorable mentions:
How I Met Your Mother
Battlestar Galactica
Top Shot (Cause I watch it with hubby)
Daily Show
Doctor Who
Star Trek: TNG
Survivor (Cause I watch it with my mom)
Walking Dead

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