Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 25 - Your Day, in Great Detail

Now, this is a completely boring idea, I don't think anyone would be interested in this, but here goes. 
I'm going to do a 24hour recap, as it's currently the middle of the day.

Yesterday about noon I ate lunch which consisted of leftovers from the turkey meatball and ziti concoction we had for dinner on Sunday.  During lunch I watched Daily Show and Colbert Report that I taped the night before.  After lunch I spent some time looking for books about career coaching and business models.  Once my food settled, I made my way to the basement for some Zumba.  I do Zumba on the Xbox.  My 20 minute workout ended up taking over an hour because of an Xbox update that had to be performed (and our super slow internet).

The hubs showed up while I was walking around and monitoring my heart rate after the workout.  I took a quick shower and talked to him about the events of the day.  One of his co-workers asked if I would come in and talk about I-O psychology to her intro to psychology students, should be fun.  He also brought me a book about social engineering, in hopes to help me learn to better deal with people.

He then threw together a nice veggie and pasta dish in a white wine for supper and we watched Top Shot, a favorite program of ours.  The rest of the night was spent playing World of Warcraft, a recent obsession of ours.  Took an OPK and had much discussion about the implications of my current fertility status.  After hubs went to bed, I watched American Idol, Face Off, and Hot in Cleveland (which turned out to not be on) while doing some work on an application for Indian Hills and a little more research about career coaching. 

Night time ritual (I'll spare the details here) and off to bed listening to Rob has a Podcast.

The first thing I do every morning is take my temperature.  Frustrated at the result, I do my morning ritual in a bit of a grumpy fog.  I knock out a few things from the cleaning list and curse the rain outside.   Hubs starts texting me during his lunch break, and I do a few things for him before asking myself if I've had lunch or not.  Realizing I haven't, I go ahead and reheat some leftovers and watch Daily Show again.  I remember that I haven't done my daily blog, and here I am.

Wow, what a boring person I am!  The interesting thing is that I prefer it that way.  I'm glad everything I had to report was mundane, I prefer my daily business as low drama as possible.

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