Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 26 - Your Week, in Great Detail

I don't know about great detail, so I'm gonna give an overview instead.

Friday: My oldest and youngest nephews came to visit on Friday.  The oldest just got into Magic (a card game) so I helped him build a deck to try and beat his dad.  I fed them Yonanas (frozen and made of only bananas and strawberries) which the youngest (3) claimed to be to hot and taste like jalapenos.  

Saturday: This was the day of my brother & nephew's birthday party.  We went to the bowling alley and watched them open presents and bowl, while marveling at parenting of league bowlers and overall operation of the place.

Sunday: Mom came over to watch Survivor which we missed on Thursday because of our crazy schedule.  We chose our contestants, a tradition we've been doing for several years now.  Played some WoW with the hubby until it was time for Walking Dead which is our favorite couple show.

Monday: Busied myself with research and job hunting until time to go to a cooking class with my mom and some friends.  That class was proof that the people make the experience, because I had a really good time despite not learning a thing (other than curry is used in Mediterranean) and having several complaints about the overall structure.  We decided to pool our fees and do our own version of watching youtube videos and cooking next time.

Tuesday: Really enjoyed the reheated chicken I had made at the cooking class the night before.  More research and job hunting happened in here and then I started preparing for writing group.  We are doing a really fun choose your own romantic adventure project that I really look forward to seeing where it's going to go each week. 

Wednesday: see blog below.

Thursday: At my house, Thursday is girls night meaning that mom and I get together and watch Survivor.  We allow Capt to watch Big Bang Theory with us first these days, because no one should ever be denied BBT.  This time we ventured to one of my favorite spots to eat in Ottumwa, HyVee.  Sounds a little crazy, but their salad bar is fantastic.  For only 5.99 all you can eat soup and salad includes so much food you could never walk away hungry.  We picked up a few ingredients while we were there and made the pumpkin bread recipe I posted a few days ago.
Only 45 calories a slice and VERY delicious.

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