Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 28 - What's in Your Handbag

This seems a little random, but perhaps a better question is what is NOT in my handbag, lol.  I frequently get comments about how surprisingly heavy my purse is, as I manage to cram a lot of things in there without resorting to carrying a tote bag (or beach bag in some cases :D ).  I'll go list form.

A package of freeze dried apples x2
Wallet (containing typical wallet type fare, ID, cards, etc.)
LifeAct Guardian Angel Pepperspray
Multi-tool that can be pliers and such
package of pretzel M&Ms
purple pen
120" tape measure
House keys
couple tubes of lipstick
spare vehicle keys
Central Iowa Authors 50k button
hair barret
dozens of random receipts shoved into every nook and cranny
cherry tic tacs
matching purple pouch filled with emergency feminine supplies
2 Fiber plus bars that have been smashed completely flat
small tin of papaya x2
chunky bracelet
pill holder with various contents
Various business cards and punch cards
change floating throughout
On the outside of the purse is clipped a reusable shopping bag.

So, it seems pretty random what I have in there, but at some point or another I've felt the need to place it all in there.  I almost hate to mention that I have attempted to clean out my purse rather recently, so this list is much shorter than it would have been.


  1. Makes me not fill so bad about all the cards I have in my wallet...

    Now, I do have a junk box in the front seat of the truck that likely rivals your purse: CD tape on spoken Japanese, map of Illinois, lots of McDonald's napkins, small bottle of Tabasco sauce, heavy metal spoon (my Ben and Jerry's addiction) pens, leather gloves, business cards, ibuprofen 800s (migraines) and batteries for hearing aids,


  2. You've let the secret out Sarge! I asked my husband and he admitted to having the very same junk box in his truck! :P